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Easter in Britain

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian church year. It begins with Good Friday. The Romans killed Jesus Christ in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago. Christians believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion.

Why is Easter on a different day each year? This is because Easter Sunday is the Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring (21 March).

Easter eggs, Easter Rabbit (Easter Bunny) and sending Easter cards are tradition not only in Britain. The cards are often in green or yellow or show baby animals, because lots of animals are born in spring. This tradition goes back to the 19th century.

But there are also other important traditions.

The Royal Maundy is an ancient ceremony which has its origin in the commandment Christ gave after washing the feet of his disciples on the day before Good Friday.

It seems to have been the custom as early as the thirteenth century for members of the royal family to take part in Maundy ceremonies, to distribute money and gifts, and to recall Christ’s simple act of humility by washing the feet of the poor. Henry IV began the practice of relating the number of recipients of gifts to the sovereign’s age, and as it became the custom of the sovereign to perform the ceremony, the event became known as the Royal Maundy.

In the eighteenth century the act of washing the feet of the poor was discontinued and in the nineteenth century money allowances were substituted for the various gifts of food and clothing.

Maundy money as such started in the reign of Charles II with an undated issue of hammered coins in 1662. The coins were a fourpenny, threepenny, twopenny and one penny piece but it was not until 1670 that a dated set of all four coins appeared.

Today’s recipients of Royal Maundy, as many elderly men and women as there are years in the sovereign’s age, are chosen because of the Christian service they have given to the Church and community. At the ceremony which takes place annually on Maundy Thursday, the sovereign hands to each recipient two small leather string purses. One, a red purse, contains — in ordinary coinage — money in lieu of food and clothing; the other, a white purse, contains silver Maundy coins consisting of the same number of pence as the years of the sovereign’s age.

Maundy money has remained in much the same form since 1670, and the coins used for the Maundy ceremony have traditionally been struck in sterling silver save for the brief interruptions of Henry’s Vlll’s debasement of the coinage and the general change to 50% silver coins in 1920.

For Christians Easter Sunday is the high point of the year. They celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter eggs are important in Britain, too. They are a symbol of rebirth in most cultures. People decorate them with different colours using special techniques. Children believe that the Easter Rabbit hides the eggs in the garden. Even King Edward I of England made the practice of coloured eggs more famous. He ordered 450 eggs to be coloured for Easter gifts in 1290.

People like to bring home a container of Easter water to be used at home for family blessings on persons, house, etc.

A traditional food is Roast lamb for dinner on Easter Day.

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What does success mean for me

I think if not success no man did not have success,then people did not dream.People are all  working,that they could to reach their goal.But there are people in it,which do not reach their purpose and think about it,why I did not work and I did not reach my goal.In my opinion if people start to indulge and to succeed,it will be quite enough.You have to go ahead and reach the goal.

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The Dog and the Cat,Շունն ու կատուն

  • Կարդալ, համեմատել թարգմանությունը բնօրինակի հետ

Come on Saturday.-Ուրբաթ օրը քեռի Քուչին

Ժամանակով Կատուն ճոն էր-once there lived a pussy cat

I’ll freeze,I fear-Գլուխըս մըրսեց, ի սեր աստծո

  • Ընտրել ըստ ցանկության մեկ տուն և վերլուծել թարգմանությունը

“How long will it take?”

“Oh, less than a week.

To oblige a friend,

I’ll be double-quick.


wing a hat

Isn’t sewing a coat

Oh no, mere play.

Come on Saturday!”

―Աչքիս վըրա, քեռի Քուչի.
Մի գըդակ ա, հո մի քարք չի.
Քու թանկագին խաթեր համար
Ուրբաթ օրը համեցեք տար:
Փողի մասին ավելորդ ա,
Մեր մեջ խոսելն էլ ամոթ ա.
Ի՛նչ մեծ բան ա, տո՜, հե՜ր օրհնած,
Միա՛յն, միա՛յն մի գդակի վարձ:
Ուրբաթ օրը քեռի Քուչին՝

Ընտրել ըստ ցանկության մեկ տուն և սովորել անգիր


On Saturday morning

The dog turned up,

Shaking and shivering

Like a wretched pup.

“Is it ready, my hat?”

“Oh no,” they said.

“And where’s the Cat?”

“Not at home yet.”

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The house that Jack built

Անծանոթ բառերը դուրս գրել բլոգում, թարգմանել, սովորել

Jack built-Ջեքը կառուցեց

kill’d-բռնում է



worried-գըզել է



tatter’d and torn -ուզել



կարդալ հայերենը

Համեմատել անգլերեն և հայերեն տարբերակները, գտնել տարբերությունները (օրինակ՝ rat-մուկ…), դուրս գրել դրանք։

This is the house that Jack built-Էս էն տունն է 


kill’d-բռնել է

worried-գըզել է

crumpled horn-կեռ պոզավոր

toss’d-հարու է տվել

maiden-աղջիկն է

tatter’d and torn-ուզել է 

cock -աքլորն է

shaven and shorn-պսակել է էն տղին

crow’d in the morn-զարթեցրել է էն տերտերի

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Armenian lavash

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As in many cultures of the Caucasus and Middle East, bread and wheat are important elements of Armenian lifecycle events and festivals. Families offer bread and salt to their houseguests to welcome them. Hosts of births and weddings serve or display wheat kernels and special stews and breads. A new bride has a piece of lavash placed on her shoulders, signifying luck, wealth, and the new life she will bring into the family.

To break bread with someone is to share a common experience, and to experience Armenia you have to witness the baking and enjoy the simple pleasures of lavash. Many Armenian words and expressions derive from the simple, yet significant, act of breaking bread. For instance, the word for a gathering or party, utel-khmel, literally translates to “eat-drink.” The word for friend, enker, means “eating together.” Foods create and mark relationships and identity wife and husband, family, community, nation.

Making lavash requires flour, water, sometimes yeast, the wood-fired tonir oven, and time, but preparations differ almost from village to village. Just as Armenia’s mountainous South Caucasus terrain creates multiple distinct microclimates that nurture diverse plant and animal species, so too did the mountains create a historic diversity in cultures and foods.Neighboring villages were isolated by cliffs and gorges, so each developed different ways of baking this seemingly simplest of foods.


1.8 cups all-purpose flour

2. 1 tbsp salt

3. 1 heaping tbsp baking powder

4. 2 tbsp sugar

5. 1/2 lb (2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted

6. 3 cups warm water

7. 1 egg mixed with a little water for egg wash



1. Preheat the oven to 425°F.

2.Place the flour in a large mixing bowl. Sift the salt, baking powder, and sugar into the flour. Stir well.

3.Add the melted butter and most of the water.

4.Mix well until dough forms. If the dough seems too dry, add some of the remaining water and continue to mix.

5.Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface until smooth. Divide the dough into 5 or 6 balls.

6.Working with one ball at a time, roll dough into a rectangle shape that will fit on a 16”x12” baking sheet.

7.Fold the rectangle-shaped dough into thirds, then in thirds again, creating a little bundle.

8.Roll this bundle into a large rectangle a second time (this will create flaky layers). Place rolled dough on an ungreased 16”x12” baking sheet.

9.Brush the surface with egg wash.

10.Bake on the lower oven rack for 15 minutes, or until bottom starts to brown.

11.Move the tray to the upper oven rack for another 5 to 10 minutes, until the top becomes a golden brown.

12.Remove from oven. Cool completely. Cut into 12 or 16 pieces.

13.Repeat this process until all balls of dough have been shaped and baked.

14.Store in an airtight container for two weeks or serve immediately with cheese and fruit.


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My herro

I think almost everyone in the world admires someone. It is especially true for young people. Most of them have idols. They try to look and act like them. It is useful when a person looks up to someone with positive qualities or to someone who has done lots of good and worthy things. Idols are mostly found in such spheres like music or cinema.My idol is Michael Jackson. I like all his songs and I admire his personality. I think that he was a multi-talented person. He managed to stage fantastic and spectacular shows. He was a great singer and dancer. Besides, he did a lot for poor and disabled children of Africa.

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My likes and dislikes

Man is but a bundle of peculiar tastes and manners likes and dislikes. Some relish a dish of meat while others hate it. Curd is such a useful thing and most people like it but there are people who hate it like anything. Similarly, I, too, have my own likes and dislikes.I dislike people who tell a lie for their selfish gain. My blood boils when I see people dying to cheat others. Such people are very harmful to the society. Trust begets trust, the say. I love frank, straightforward people. They might appear to be rough at first but they are the people who never do any one any harm. It is but for go these people that the world is a place worth living.